Green Toners

It combines environmentally friendly printing manageability with the printing of paper items. An environment conscious, eco-friendly toner cartridge, it has been providing environment-friendly printing arrangements since 2009. This toner initially began its journey under the name green toner. It was then when its pioneers chose to satisfy their vision of giving their users value-added eco-friendly items under one area. Today, it has become a noteworthy name among items and printer supplies that add to nature preservation, manageability, and obligation. The protection of people and the environment is a vital piece of its reasoning and shapes the way it does business. The remanufacturing process spares around 2.5 kg of CO2 for each cartridge contrasted with the creation of another cartridge.


Green Toners

It’s an essential product offering incorporates top-notch US-made remanufactured toner and ink cartridges that are manufactured by professionals to meet the standards set by the printing business from the minute an order is placed to when it reaches your doorsteps. With every package is a guarantee of a high quality, impeccable print unmatched by other toners and cartridges. It takes pride in the better execution of items than compared to the average compatible remanufactured cartridges in the business sector. It includes practices that demonstrate less destructive to the earth than standard printing practices.

The Eco-Friendly Toner

The toners created are produced using 70% to 90% of reused parts (aside from parts that are vital for the quality, for example, the drum) and don’t contain halogenated materials. Bundling and packaging is made of 75% recyclable and reused cardboard. The bags are made of recyclable plastics. The filler materials utilized as a part of the container are 100% delivered from the waste cardboard and afterward reused inside.

Reusing the waste created by production is also one of the key priorities. It promotes the full dismantling of toner, while end-of-life toners are sent to an expert industrial partner. The majority of the materials and parts in non-reusable toners, including any powder residue are recycled.

The reasons that make the green toners different from others are-  it is a top notch ink and toner cartridge, utilizes advanced formats over printing at whatever point possible,  maintains the balanced use of resources and  safeguarding of our surroundings,  signifies cost savings for each customer using these  products and utilizes chemicals which are not harmful to the environment. Using this helps the environment. 


Every year, more than 300 million plastic printer cartridges are dumped in landfills around the world – almost ten cartridges are thrown away every second. Remanufacturing is therefore very important because every cartridge that is remanufactured is one fewer going directly into landfill. Ordinary printing cartridges use energy and chemicals. It additionally delivers volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can hurt your health. This normal cartridge utilizes heaps of energy. Printers and copiers are among the most energy intensive installations in the workplace. It likewise creates VOCs. Normal printer ink has petroleum in it, which creates volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. VOCs are radiated as gasses from specific solids or fluids and can bring about short and long-term health problems. Printers and copier machines produce VOCs from its cartridges as well, further expanding the measure of VOCs in the working environment.

All of these add up to make Green Toners a very eco-friendly choice!

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